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Meditations: Sacred Presence, Sacred Places (2008)

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   "Sacred Presence, Sacred Places" is the second meditation DVD created by Jan and Joyce. The combination of Jan's music and Joyce's photography touch a deep place within making this perfect for retreat work, spirituality groups, parishes, community gatherings, and personal prayer. At the request of our viewers we have created longer individual meditations, including a blend of vocals and instrumentation.

Words and music: Jan Novotka

Artistic Photography: Joyce Roach, OP

Cover Art: Joyce Roach, OP

Technical Engineer: Tom Harmon

Cover Design: John Meyers, Anarchy Digital

Manufactured and printed by Alpha Multimedia Group, Inc.

2008 Jan Novotka & Joyce Roach, OP. All rights reserved.

Please enjoy these samples:

1. Shimmering Presence (9:43)


2. Waters of Life (9:06)


3. Moments of Thanks (4:45)